Mice monitoring to help farmers

The NSW Government launched on Thursday an innovative new monitoring tool to both help farmers manage mice population numbers ahead of another record harvest and provide a live snapshot of on-farm rodent activity across the state.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall encouraged farmers throughout NSW to use the online tool to report mouse activity and crop damage to assist their fellow landholders to respond quickly to increasing populations through spring.

"This dedicated monitoring system is just another tool we can give to farmers to help combat the surge in mice we are expecting as we approach harvest," Mr Marshall said.

"By asking farmers to use mouse chew cards once a week and record their results by filling out a quick online form, not only can we closely track any rise in numbers, but also see what level of damage is occurring in particular crops.

"These results are then fed into an online dashboard so farmers can see when populations are increasing in their area, which will help them quickly respond with targeted baiting programs.

"A system like this is only as accurate as the information that is provided, which is why we're encouraging farmers across the state to regularly engage with this new tool, so it is as useful as possible."

The monitoring tool has been successfully trialed in the state's northwest since July and was developed in collaboration with CottonInfo and the CSIRO.

Farmers can find the form, dashboard, and instructions on how to report their own mouse activity on the Local Land Services website at www.lls.nsw.gov.au/mice.

Mr Marshall said the new tool was just one of the many support measures available to the state's farmers including rebates for zinc phosphide baits up to $10,000.

"Almost 700 farmers have already registered for bait rebate support that helps to minimise the financial strain from the mice plague. Millions of dollars has already been distributed so I encourage farmers to reach out to the Rural Assistance Authority to claim their rebate," Mr Marshall said.

For more information visit www.nsw.gov.au/mice.

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