Boorowa News
The Boorowa News is proud of its active involvement in the community.

There is not much which happens around town which is not published in the News, including farming, council and other stories about local happenings. Located near Cowra and less than two hours drive from Canberra, Boorowa is a vibrant town and has many supporters of the weekly Boorowa News.

Boorowa is situated in the wheat sheep area of centre NSW. The land in the area is known for its richness and fertility. There is a population of about 1500 in the town itself. Last season's excellent conditions provided a boost to the economy particularly the small business base.

Boorowa is commonly referred to as "riding on the sheep's back" and this is certainly the case for the majority of people in the area.

It also has an aged population with the shire council of the area now trying to promote Boorowa as a retirement centre. It is only just over an hour to Canberra, allowing many elderly people are taking advantage of the excellent nursing and hostel facilities in the town and moving to Boorowa.