St Joseph's produces Archdiocesan representatives

Alice Dymock and Archie Coble have been selected in different sports for the Archdiocese.

Alice has played in the Archdiocesan Touch Team and is running at the MacKillop Trials for Cross Country for the Archdiocese at Eastern Creek.

Archie has been selected for the Archdiocesan Rugby Union team to play in Forbes later in the month.

Congratulations to both students and good luck.

Emilla McGuiness, Charlie McGuiness and Poppy McGuiness played hockey and Archie Coble played Rugby League. All enjoyed the experience of playing with and against many different competitors.

Emilla McGuiness, Poppy McGuiness, Alice Dymock, Toby Wales, Charlie McGiness, Millie Kelly, Sophie Webster, Monica Taylor and Will Kelly all attended the Archdiocesan Trials.

Alice Dymock was picked in the Archdiocesan team to play in Penrith at the end of May.