Darts round eight results

Darts round eight results

The results of last week's darts round were:

Charlies Angels 5 beat Leprechauns 2

Outlaws 7 Defeated RSL 0

Dartie 6 were too good for Beavers 1.

Courty 5 beat Annals

Muk Me Rams 5 beat Shamrocks 2

There still doesn't appear to be many one hundred plus scores thrown but among the highlights from last weeks round were a 140 to Josh Carmody, Andy (Outlaws) 134, Andrew Diskon 126 and Phil Coggins 125.

Angie of the Annals is one of the big improvers during the season hitting a nice 96. Among the best peg outs of the night was Lateesha of the Beavers with a neat 64 finish.

The draw for tonight's round nine games with the home team first is:

Shamrocks V Courty

Outlaws v Leprechauns

Beavers v Charlies Angels

Annals v Muk Me Ram

Dartie Deeds V RSL

If you haven't played yet and think you might want a game, its never too late. Just contact a local pub or club and they will put you in touch will a darts representative. We will get you a team and a game. All standards are welcome. Its all about having fun and a great Thursday night out.

Its just three rounds before the teams are graded so every competition point counts. All the action to commence from 7.30 pm at a venue near you.