Landholders called to join Feral Fighters

Landholders are invited to become Feral Fighters to help decrease fox populations.
Landholders are invited to become Feral Fighters to help decrease fox populations.

Feral pest animal management requires commitment and a collaborative approach.

Coordinated group control programs, implemented across the landscape, are much more effective than individual efforts in the control of feral animals.

Feral Fighters is a community based initiative to strategically target pest animals at a landscape scale through coordinated group baiting control programs.

By working with your neighbours and local networks to support Feral Fighters, you will achieve better results for you, your neighbours, community, local industries and the environment.

Foxes prey on Australian native wildlife such as ground nesting birds, small reptiles and mammals and have contributed to a number of these native animals becoming extinct or endangered.

As well as protecting native wildlife, group control programs can increase lambing percentages, when baiting is conducted across multiple properties.

By registering with South East Local Land Services to become a Feral Fighter you will receive:

  • The first 40 1080 baits free during the 2019 campaign (this includes fresh and manufactured baits).
  • 1080/pindone training during the prescribed months of a control program.
  • Up to date information and support from South East Local Land Services.

Upcoming dates for your diary:

Baits will be delivered on Tuesday, July 16, Wednesday, July 17 and Thursday, July 18, 2019.

Training will be held on Friday, July 12, 2019 at the Boorowa Recreation Club from until 11.30am.

The 1080/Pindone course gives participants information on:

  • The chemicals being used
  • How to use them
  • Safety precautions
  • Legal requirements

1080 and Pindone accreditation lasts for five years.

Please let your group coordinator know how many baits you would like and which location you would like to collect them from no later than Thursday, July 11, 2019.

For further information

If you are unsure of who your local coordinator is, or are a new landholder wishing to participate, contact the South East Local Land Services and Landcare office in Boorowa on 6385 1018, or the Landcare coordinator on 0459 681 018.

For more information and to book for the 1080 Pindone accreditation training, please contact South East Local Land Services Senior Biosecurity Officer, Scott Schlunke on 0407 489 574 or the Yass office on 6118 7700.