Boorowa and Harden ready to face off for Annalee McGuigan Shield

The stage is set for an exciting day of Rugby down at Boorowa Showgrounds this Saturday from 11.30am, with multiple short-form features to be followed by a Shield game between Harden Red Devils and the Boorowa Goldies.

Ground One (Western)

11.30am: Parkes vs Waratahs​

12.00pm: Boorowa vs Easts Colts

12.30pm: Young vs Easts Fifths

1.00pm: Easts Thirds vs Parkes

1.30pm: Boorowa vs Crookwell

2.00pm: Waratahs vs Harden

2.30pm: Young vs Easts Thirds

3.00pm: Blayney vs Easts Colts

3.30pm: Waratahs vs Boorowa

4.00pm: Parkes vs Harden

4.30pm: Easts Colts vs Grenfell

5.00pm: East Thirds vs Waratahs

5.30pm: Boorowa vs Harden (Annalee McGuigan Memorial Shield)

6.15pm: Presentations and Boat race.

Ground Two (Eastern)

11.30pm: Crookwell vs Blayney

12.00pm: Easts Fourths vs Harden

12.30pm: Crookwell vs Grenfell

1.00pm: Harden Womens vs Easts Womens

1.30pm: Blayney vs Young

2.00pm: Grenfell vs Easts Fourths

2.30pm: Harden Womens vs Cootamundra Womens

3.00pm: Crookwell vs Easts Fifths

3.30pm: Grenfell vs Young

4.00pm: Easts Womens vs Cootamundra Womens

4.30pm: Easts Fifths vs Blayney

5.00pm: Easts Fourths vs Parkes