Bias in the news: Letter to the Editor

I enjoyed the letters from Derek Mason and Peter Bruce in the most recent two editions of the News.  

Derek, the long time, highly respected and amazing contributor to his community, whose political views are apparently not shared by the majority of his community, judging by persistent voting patterns.

Peter, the recent arrival, for whom any person or organisation with views to the left of his own is apparently biased. 

This includes the ABC, which Peter claims to be the most biased media outlet in the country. 

Fair go Peter. 

Based on regular surveys, the ABC, although not perfect, rightly claims to be a highly respected source of news and analysis for huge numbers of Australians, including coalition voters.

Politicians and activists of all persuasions get to have their say on the ABC, without having their views being routinely promoted or denigrated by the broadcasters.

Surveys have repeatedly shown that Australians of all political persuasions regularly tune into and value the ABC, even though they may not agree with the views expressed by presenters or the audience on particular programs.

Compare this to the Macquarie Radio Network which un-ashamedly promotes right wing causes and gives short shrift to anyone who challenges those views. 

Witness the blatantly pro-right Luke Grant, an oft time presenter on Wake Up Australia, whose guests never include anyone to the left of right and who derides any caller who dares to offer an alternative view or fact. Alan Jones and Ray Hadley are not much less political in intent.

Peter, until all of the mainstream media in Australia gives reasonable access to  politicians and members of the community to express their views, treats them with respect and subjects their views and claims to detailed and objective analysis, we will continue to be poorly served as a democracy.

Decent Australians with much to offer, who currently shun any thought of involvement in politics, might even be encouraged to enter public life.

Good on you both for having your say and the Boorowa News for giving you the opportunity to share your views with us.

David Weeden

Evatt ACT