Another success story: Word in the Streets

Op shop with the bookshop opening on the right.

Op shop with the bookshop opening on the right.

Boorowa loves a success story and we seem to have one in the Op Shop which is now moving into its second year.

In the August 30 edition of The News, it was revealed $13000 had been distributed to local charities.

That figure, when added to earlier donations, brings the figure for the first year allocation closer to $25000. Fantastic.

Celebrating their second year, the Op Shop is expanding, incorporating a bookshop in the adjacent premises. 

Not, as yet, officially opened, access to the bookshop can be arranged when the Op Shop is opened (Wed, Thurs, Fri 10.00am to 4.00pm, Sat 10.00am to 2.00pm).

Books, magazines, records, CD’s, DVD’s are already in abundance and further donations are always welcome. What was it Furner Dwyer used to say? “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

The Op Shop, and soon to be opened bookshop, is all done on a voluntary basis. If you’ve got some spare time, pop in and have a look, and maybe volunteer some of those spare moments.


A rabbit walks into a pub and says to the barman, “Can I have a pint of beer and a ham and cheese toastie?”

Amazed, the barman gives the rabbit a pint of beer and ham and cheese toastie which the rabbit consumes, and leaves.

The next night the rabbit is back, same request. He consumes the beer and toastie and leaves.

This goes on for weeks and as word got around, more and more flocked to the pub to watch the rabbit.

Every night the pub was packed. One night, the rabbit walked in only to find the pub was right out of ham and cheese toasties.

The barman says, in a hushed pub, “We do have a very nice cheese and onion toastie.”

The rabbit replies, “Are you sure I’ll like it?”

The barman ensures the rabbit he would, so the rabbit agrees. He quaffs the beer, devours the toastie, and leaves … never to return.

A year later, in the now impoverished bar, the barman calls time having served only four beers – three to himself. As cleaning up he sees a small white form floating above the bar.

“Who are you?” says the barman.

“I am the ghost of the rabbit that used to frequent your pub.”

“I remember, you made me famous. Pint of beer and ham and cheese toastie. Thousands flocked to see you.”

“I know,” replied the rabbit.

“I remember. On the last night we didn’t have ham and cheese, you had cheese and onion toastie instead.”

The rabbit said, “You promised me I’d like it.”

“You never came back.” replied the barman, “What happened?”

“I died,” said the rabbit.

“No!” said the barman, “What from?”



Can you believe the idiocy of the Canterbury Bulldogs nude and booze romp. All clubs were given a directive from the NRL to keep their ‘Mad Monday’ celebrations in respectable proportion.

Word mustn’t have filtered through to these fools. The Club’s been fined $250,000 dollars and the individuals copped hefty fines.

Privileged athletes should behave like the role model they are to thousands, including kids.

Bring your place of employment into disrepute, face the sack.

All sports face these issues. If someone brings their sport into disrepute, put them out for a year, they might then realise how privileged they were.