Political contempt growing in public: Letters to the Editor


Last week Derrick Mason wanted to alert the good burghers of Boorowa to the failings of our local MP, the conservative Angus Taylor. 

His crime apparently was to declare his loyalty to a closet lefty one day, and then come to his senses the next. 

Perfectly reasonable I would have thought.

I find it passing strange that a self described old lefty like Derrick (his words), would find the time to speak positively of at least one member of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop.

And whilst stopping short of doing the same for Turnbull, I suspect there might also be a bit of affection for that imposter to the conservative cause.

In any event Derrick's letter was not really about any of that, it was more of a subliminal attempt to encourage us to vote for somebody other than Taylor, and more specifically, for someone who will help install Shorten as PM, the ultimate loyalist!

Derrick and I can agree on one thing though, and that is the level of contempt most people hold for politicians, so allow me a moment to pontificate.

A good politician is one who makes decisions based solely on what he or she considers are in the best interests of the country, with absolutely no regard to the effect those decisions may have on the length of their tenure.

In other words, a good politician is one who doesn't have to worry about where their next dollar is coming from, because they either have other employment waiting their demise, or significant means to sustain them beyond politics.

Remind you of anybody? 

Turnbull just liked the idea of being PM, and demonstrated at the end that he would do whatever it took to hold on, and if that didn't work, he would blow the joint up on the way out.

Unlike the ABC, the most biased media outlet in the country, I will be absolutely unequivocal about where my political allegiances lie.

If somebody can tell me what it is that we need to do to prevent Shorten from being rewarded for his duplicitous and hypocritical behaviour, and his support for organisations like the CFMEU, I will be part of it.

Peter Bruce

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