Top grade darts heats up in Boorowa

One of the closest matches of the darts season took place last Thursday night when the seemingly unstoppable Rec Blue were given the fright of their lives by the unpredictable Top Pub Guinness who went close to an upset victory. 

After leading 1-0 early, the Blue were on the brink of defeat trailing 3-1 before winning the last three singles matches to take victory. There’s not much between all four of the A Grade teams and it may just be a matter of who’s hot on the night to decide this years premier division.

Results from all grades last week are as follows:

A Grade Comp:

The Rec Blue hosted the Top Pub Guinness with victory to the Rec Blue 4/3. For the Blue, six ton plus scores to Rod Neeson, three to Colin Death and one each to Lyn Chapman and Steve Makings. For the Guinness, eight Ton plus scores to Dennis Watson, three to Phil Coggins and two each to Lester Murphy and Richard Hall.

In the other game the RAMZ hosted the Rec Gold on Monday night so the score was unavailable prior to this report.

B Grade Comp:

The Top Pub Whisky hosted the Top Pub  Leprechauns with the Leprechauns winning 5/2. Two hundred plus scores to David Apps and one ton to Trevor Spinx. For the Whiskies , four hundred plus scores to Peter Bell and one ton plus to Stace Brown.

In the other B Grade game, the Top Pub  Shamrocks hosted the RSL with the Shamrocks winning in a close one 4/3 with the result decided by the last singles game. Mike Ward had a sensational 92 Peg out with hundreds to the RSL's Darrell Armour with two and one ton plus scores to Clare Curtis and Adrian March.

C Grade Comp:

The Top Pub Jameson’s hosted the Mad Ramz with the Ram & Stallion side  too good winning 5/2. Three hundred plus scores here to Anna Armstrong.

In the other match, Top Pub Blarneys were hosted by the Top Pub Shenanigans with the Blarneys too good 5/2. Two hundred plus scores to Alex McClung and one century plus to the Shenanigans Jake McKenzie.

Tonight’s draws are as follows with the home side first:

A Grade:

Top Pub Guinness v RamZ

Rec Gold V Rec Blue

B Grade:

RSL v Top Pub Leprechauns

Top Pub Whiskey Business v Top Pub Shamrocks

C Grade:

Top Pub Shenanigans v Top Pub Jameson’s

Mad RamZ v Top Pub Blarney

It’s another top night out at your local darts venue. See you there.