Goldies prepare for final game of season 2018

The Goldies v Crookwell.

The Goldies v Crookwell.

Last Saturday saw the last away game for the Goldies for year against Crookwell.

Unfortunately, the Goldies won’t make the finals this year but that didn’t stop them from making the trip to Crookwell and giving it their all.

Again, we leaked some early tries which had us on the backfoot from the start.

At 17-0 down it looked like it could have been a very long evening.

However, the Goldies managed to score an amazing try with a kick, regather and then a chip and chase for Jai Kenny Creek Patterson to dot down under the posts.

With a very strong and organized pack, Crookwell were always in control of the scoreboard but we did have them rattled at times with persistence and some good phase play but getting across the line was the big issue.

As they say in rugby tries win games. It’s true, they do, but so do penalties and drop goals.

It didn’t help when Pistol Croker got sent to the bin for 10 minutes for a high tackle.

Shane Friend made a great break on the ten metre and was certain to score but a Crookwell player knocked the ball out of his hand just on the line.

The final score was 41-19 with the Goldies scoring three tries.

I haven’t a clue who got the other two tries as I was too busy on the sideline chatting to Gerard Ryan… He told me some cracker yarns.

One that stands out is how his Dad Jacko is really upset still after someone burnt his favorite armchair at Vinnie’s 21st.

Jacko has ordered a Royal Commission into who did it and will hand out the punishment personally to whoever the guilty party is.

It was a good hard game, with plenty of big hits.

After the game our Captain Marty Corcoran had to go to get an x-ray on his jaw as he took a pretty big hit.

Luckily though the x-ray showed up with no breaks and he is hoping to lace up the boots again this weekend for the last game of the year.

This week’s honorable mention goes to Mr Gary Harton.

Most of you know Gary does the strapping each week before games and runs the line with the medical kit.

It has to be one of the most thankless jobs in a rugby club but everyone loves Gary for his dedication, the care and attention he pays to all players.

Gaz the club would be lost without you.

This week’s chick pick goes to Chris Kenny Corcoran.

When I told Chris he was getting the award this week he asked, “well what do I get? Or should I say who do I get?”

Sorry Chris it’s not like that but your presence on the sideline with all the other supporters helped the boys on the paddock.

The points this week went too:

3 points: Haven’t a clue

2 point: Haven’t a clue

1 point: Haven’t a clue.

Players’ Player went to: Haven’t a clue.

This Saturday sees the last game of the season and it’s at home so make sure you get up there to cheer on the boys.

It is also ‘Family Fun Day’ and there will be a jumping castle for the kids. It will be a great afternoon and you would be crazy to miss it.