Inaugural Mixed Doubles Darts Tournament tonight

Last Thursday night was the second round of A, B, and C grade darts competitions with the results as follows.

A Grade Competition:

The Rec Blue hosted the Rec Gold and the result was Blue winning 5/2.

Blue contributors were, six hundred plus scores to Rod Neeson, four to Colin Death, three to Steve Makings, one to Lyn Chapman.

Gold high scorers were Phil Johnston with three hundred scores, two to Rick Bennett and one each to Andrew McGrath and Mick Farrell.

In the other game, the RAMZ host the Top Pub Guinness ,with the Guinness winning 5/2.

Eight hundred plus scores to Dennis Watson. Phil Coggins hit three triple one’s to score a poor man's 180 with a total of nine whilst for the RAMZ, Josh Carmody with seven, hundred plus scores with three by Les Fitzgerald and one by Ross Hignett.

B Grade Competition:

The Top Pub Whisky hosted the Top Pub Shamrocks with the Whisky winning 4/3.

Two hundred scores to Pete Bell, one by Stace Brown (Tess) and one by Amanda Shean.

The Shamrocks’ contributors were Darrell Hanns with two hundred scores and Mike Ward with one hundred.

In the other B Grade game the Top Pub Leprechauns hosted the Ex Services RSL side with the Lepper's winning 5/2.

Three hundred plus scores by David Apps, and Patrick Beadman with one ton.

RSL's Darrell Armour with one ton.

This match saw a nice three dart 24 total peg to Adrian March 9, 5, double 5 and Trevor Spinks hit  a 1 score, a 2 score and a 3 score in game for a very unique if not infamous achievement.

C Grade Competition:

The Top Pub Jameson’s hosted the Top Pub Shenanigans in an upset with the Shenanigans getting home 4/3.  

Andrew Hardefeldt with his first double finish to peg out and he repeated it again later in the night.

In the Last Match the Top Pub Blarney hosted the Mad Ramz with the Mad Ramz Victorious with a 5/2.

Good darts here with a hundred score to Ray Poplin and a great 80 peg out by Anna Armstrong.

On the losing side Cory O'Leary shot two hundred scores, Dee McClung with one ton and a nice 70 peg out to Dee.

The inaugural Mixed Doubles Tournament is happening tonight commencing at 7pm at the Boorowa Ex-Services Club.

This is our charity fundraiser night for Burrowa House and an entry fee of $ per player to enter will be collected on the night (light snack supper will be provided for players only).

This will be a fun evening with spectators most welcome.

The regular seasons competition will resume on Thursday, July 26. 

Please check your teams draw prior to recommencement.

See you at the club tonight for some top class action and loads of fun.