Honouring Jack Carmody: Word in the Streets

A younger Jack Carmody (left) with the machines he loved. Photo supplied.

A younger Jack Carmody (left) with the machines he loved. Photo supplied.

Through the week we said goodbye to a top little bloke in Jack Carmody.

Jack often helped me out getting a mower to run, a chainsaw to hum or an odd job to be done.

I wouldn’t be alone there, as Jack loved to help people.

I mean to say, he was the NRMA call out fellow for many years.

As much as he loved to help people, undoubtedly his greatest passion was to hear old motors again roar back into life.

With his old machines, he was always willing to support Woolfest, the Show and such.

I remember Jack all excited telling me he had re-united with an old flame and Karren became his partner.

To Karren, and all Jack’s family, a very sad time, but he leaves many cherished memories.

Jack loved a yarn and a joke, he lived a fairly simple life and I found this Irish saying that he could have easily written: “It doesn’t matter how big your house is, how much money you have, or that you wear expensive clothes. Our graves will be the same size. Stay humble.”

Jack humble to most, a giant to some, and a huge loss.


At the end of June Boorowa’s NRMA agency closed.

That personal touch gone forever.

You can’t now go in and ask for a little help, and I strongly feel it is now hard, if not impossible, to talk to a real person and seek a little help.

I had cause to check if a particular insurance had been paid.

Using the phone and pushing twenty million number options I failed to find a real person.

I went online to see how I could talk to someone.

No luck.

I’m borderline hopeless on a computer.

There are a lot of people a darn sight worse than me. What do they do?

NRMA’s catch cry was ‘HELP’.

It ain’t no more.

In this technological age, the elderly seem now to be the ‘Forgotten Generation’.


Boorowa, Hovell’s Creek and Yass Landcare groups organized a very successful ‘Join the Climate Conversation’ event at Yass on May 26.

The organisers have recorded the event and intend to present a visual and written report about this event at the National Landcare Conference in October.

This will showcase what Landcare groups can do when resourced and well supported, and how effective they can work with industry, business and community


Boorowa Landcare Group always has something interesting coming up.

Many of us have fruit trees on our properties, yet how many know how to prune them?

All are welcome to head out to the property of Heather McLeod/Paul Nelson 329 Murringo Road Boorowa on Sunday, July 29 (9am – noon) where Kingsvale orchardist Robert Fitzpatrick will show you how it’s done.

Bring gloves, secateurs and $10 to cover costs including morning tea. RSVP to Linda Cavanagh  6385 1018 of 0459 681 018.


I don’t want to be seen harping on an event, but urge one and all to get behind two events set down for Friday, July 27.

For the fellas, ‘A Day For the Blokes’ from 6.00pm in the Recreation Club Auditorium.

Three great speakers, food and plenty of laughs.

For the ladies, and men too, Christmas in July dinner and show at the Ex-Services Club. Dinner 7pm, show 8pm.

Richard Banks wants to support the Christmas Alone Luncheon and would love to have your support.