Goldies celebrate tough victory over Batemans Bay Boars

Goldies in a successful lineout against the Batemans Bay Boars. The boys managed to chalk up a tight win, 17-15.

Goldies in a successful lineout against the Batemans Bay Boars. The boys managed to chalk up a tight win, 17-15.

I want to make it very clear that I do not discriminate against anyone (well unless you are English, then I do) but especially people with red hair.

The Goldies made the long trip down to Batemans Bay last Saturday to take on the Boars.

For the time in the history of the club the Goldies managed to field a team with no red heads.

First time in 49 years.

I told a certain life member this statistic and he replied, “You know Irish Flemo it has been a lifelong goal of the club to field a team without any red nuts”. 

Well there you go.

Goal achieved.

If you have been reading my reports over the last few weeks, you will know that the Goldies have been improving every week, missing out on closing games by very slim margins mainly due to giving away silly penalties.

Well not this weekend.

They won.

That right, they made the trip to Batemans Bay and WON! How bloody good. And all without any red heads.

Is there a lesson there? Should we be paying more attention to the fact that they won without any red heads? Does it mean that the red heads will and have been dragging down the Goldies for 49 years straight? I don’t know. I cant answer that question for you. I am sorry.

Anyway enough about the red heads. Back to the actual game and what a great result. The Boars lead 7-0 at half time and then after the break Captain Marty Corcoran pulled off one of the most magical tries you would ever see in international footy let alone bush footy.

He caught the ball on the wing on the halfway line, ran to the ten metre line, chipped it over the winger, gathered it, side stepped the full back and bounced off a 145kg centre before dotting down in the corner. Simply scintillating skills, speed and agility.

Mike Ward our main man was so happy that a fellow front rower scored a try he did a triple backflip on the side like and landed majestically on his feet.

Shortly after the Boars scored two unanswered tries. And were leading 15-5 with ten minutes to go and it was looking like that the Goldies were going to lose this one again marginally.

However that wasn’t the case.

Jye Hill Grove Patterson absolutely ripped the Boars defence to shreds and went in under the sticks to score, which was converted. Three minutes on the clock and the Goldies needed a try at the very least to get the lead. Well you probably know where this is going…. Yep… Old Glory Hog Captain B-Rad from the Shire managed to once again score a try and got the Goldies to a 17-15 lead where it finished up.

Massive day, Massive trip and massive result.

I asked the coach on Saturday night in the Top Pub who played well as I didn’t have a clue because I wasn’t at the game and he said, “It was just a really good team performance. Everyone did their job, everyone put into play what we have been doing in training and it worked and we won. It was a bloody great feeling”. 

Another reliable source told me that Coach Lockie McGuinness (wait is he coach? He acts and orders people around like he is at training) had a really good game at fullback, very calm and was really good at catching the ball. Well there you go.

All in all, a great performance from the Goldies away from home and with only one sub on the bench. Congrats boys.

This weekend we have a bye due to the long weekend. However all eyes will turn to the Wallabies v Irish. My prediction will be the Irish by three points.

They are coming off a very long domestic season but think they will edge out this one in a very close game. Game two and three, well I can’t predict that.

This week’s points went to:

One point – Coach McGuinness

Two points – Marty Corcoran

Three points – Brendan Gull McGrath

Players’ player – Pistol Pete Croker

Chicks’ Pick went to Gary Norris former St Joseph Principle for years, who came down and supported the boys and melted mothers, daughters, sisters, step-sisters hearts on the side line. Good on you Gazza.