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Trees were removed in Parnell Street.

Trees were removed in Parnell Street.

Six trees cut down

On the morning of Wednesday, February 14 between 0730 and 0800 hours, the residents of Parnell Street were startled by and in some cases, awoken by, the sounds of chainsaws and mulching machines. 

Their objective was to cut down six trees to ground level, which were located on the Council controlled nature strip. 

The operation was being conducted by a professional tree cutting company. 

As the morning progressed, there were branches of trees everywhere, completely covering driveways and the noise  created by all their equipment was deafening. 

My concern is that nobody bothered to make contact with the residents to tell them what was going on. 

Until I went to get in my car to drive out, did one of the workman come and speak to me, advising me if I wanted to drive out they would clear my driveway of all the branches that were lying on it. 

He also stated that this work was being done for Essential Energy, so that the trees would be clear of the overheard cables. 

Previously, these branches were cut back by workers in cherry-pickers periodically. 

My issue is why the residents weren’t advised by the Council or Essential Energy, or the contractor, that the work was going ahead?

Furthermore, why did the trees have to be cut down, why couldn’t they have been cut back periodically as before?

The street looks so bare now. 

Surely the residents should have been consulted before approval was given to cut down these trees. 

Surely being a ratepayer must give a person some sort of say in what happens in their street. 

Are these tress being replaced, if not, why not?

I sent a complaining email to the Council but the reply stated that I should contact Essential Energy regarding the noise and inconvenience. 

David Boardman