Tree removal “vandalism”: Word in the Streets

How would you feel if you were woken in your leafy street, early in the morning, to the sound of chain saws and wood chippers? Alarmed I would think.

How would you feel if your leafy street a few hours later was a bare street, more akin to a scene of desolation than beauty and tranquility? Angry I would say.

The residents of sections of Parnell and Ford Streets are livid about the environmental vandalism they have been subjected to.

If a work gang can simply walk in and do this in these two streets, are they going to walk in and do the same and remove all our town trees, trees that enhance and beautify our town?

Our tree lined streets help to make Boorowa a pleasant place to live.

We, the residents of Boorowa, deserve to be told why this ‘vandalism’ has happened. We should all raise our voices and ask that before any future action of a similar nature occurs, the perpetrators at least have the decency to inform the people impacted by these actions and open a dialogue with the citizens affected and the town people in general.

I hope these trees will be replaced, but unfortunately 30 to 40 years must pass before they reach their crowning, shady glory. Is an electrical company responsible for this environmental vandalism? Shame! Shame!


What a coup for the Ex-Services Club and Boorowa with Tania Kernaghan performing here tomorrow night, Friday February 23.

A terrific concert leading off with talented Kora Naughton, then four piece band Brewn beating out their country style music and to top it off, a special guest appearance with Tania Kernaghan. Concert will start after the Friday night draw and raffles after 8pm. Tickets have been selling like hot cakes, keep your fingers crossed, give the Club a ring 6385 3338 or call in, you might snare a ticket.


Paddy and Mick went deep sea fishing in a small boat. Far from land, in the middle of a vast ocean, the boat broke down and they drifted hopelessly, unprepared and facing a likely death. They’d drifted for days with Mick continually screaming “We’ll be ruined! We’ll be ruined!”

Thinking their days were truly numbered, Paddy saw a bottle floating in the ocean. Grabbing it out of the briny sea, he rubbed it and the ubiquitous genie popped out saying. “I’ll grant you one wish.”

Without thinking Paddy replied, “I wish this ocean was a sea of Guinness.”

POOF! Instantly they were floating on a sea of Guinness Stout and Mick Screamed “We’re saved.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before Mick started screaming at Paddy “You daft bastard!”

“What do you mean?” replied Paddy, “I’ve saved us.”

“Yeah,” replied Mick, “but we’re going to have to pee in the boat.”


In the column of February 8, I said that Bill Shorten was looking worried about his chances of becoming Prime Minister. I also said a week can be a long time in politics.

A fortnight later Shorten is grinning like a Cheshire cat. I can’t condone the actions of Barnaby Joyce, nor can I praise the reaction of Malcolm Turnbull, but the goings on of the last few weeks could almost promote Joyce and Turnbull to Patron Saint of the Labor Party.

There’s truth in these words: “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the Government and report the facts.” (Will Rogers)