Mike Ward named Boorowa Citizen of the Year

Mike Ward receives award.

Mike Ward receives award.

Whether it’s running the Boorowa Business Chamber, helping the Rotary Club or making sure people have a fantastic time at the Top Pub, Mike Ward gives his all for the community and for his efforts, has been awarded the Lions/Apex Citizen of the Year Award. 

Mike received his award at the Australia Day Ceremony last Friday and described winning as “absolutely stunning”. 

”There are probably so many other people who are far more deserving than me,” he said.

“As I say Boorowa is an amazing place to be and I think Boorowa, Hilltops, we are just in such an exciting time, great to be in Australia I think, pretty proud of it.” 

Mike commended the efforts of the entire Boorowa community and made special mention of Junior Ambassador Jack McMahon. 

“Just so grateful knowing there are so many other people who work tirelessly for the community, that’s what holds a community, everybody pulling the same way and we’re just so fortunate to have a great, great spot here in Boorowa,” he said. 

“As I mentioned, Jack McMahon, what a great young lad. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a young person speak so solidly, that was unreal.

“If he’s an indication, we’ve got a bright future.”

Mike said it’s an exciting time for the Boorowa Business Chamber, with plans to tell the stories of local businesses and further promote the region in Canberra. 

“Part of the Business Chamber, we are promoting Boorowa all through Canberra and surrounding districts, we had the Business Chamber Awards last year and all the winners of that, they will all tell their stories,” he said. 

“They will talk about how they arrived in Boorowa, what they do in Boorowa and their vision for Boorowa.”