Celebrating community: Word in the Streets

Phoebe Stuart was the recipient of the Len and Joan Oxley Memorial Award, pictured with Councillor Wendy Tuckerman. Photo by Matt Chown.
Phoebe Stuart was the recipient of the Len and Joan Oxley Memorial Award, pictured with Councillor Wendy Tuckerman. Photo by Matt Chown.

Australia Day has come and gone and from all the feedback I’ve received, all went very well. A beautiful morning, the park looked a picture and, I must say, we had the company of a fantastic ambassador in Susie Elelman AM.

Susie’s address was first class and she went right out of her way to meet as many people as she possibly could.

On leaving she said she’d take some wonderful memories. She has left much for us to remember.

Australia Day gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful contribution many of our finest make to this little town. A comprehensive list is included in this issue of the News.

I personally offer my heartiest congratulations to all recipients and nominees, especially Lions/Apex Citizen of the Year Michael Ward, Rotary Young Achiever Natalie Ramirez and Senior Sportsperson of the Year Les Winters.

When organizing these awards, one starts to appreciate the talent evident in some of our younger citizens and the dedication and love of our community in some of our more senior citizens – just amazing.


It is a concern many consider January 26 is not an appropriate day to celebrate Australia Day. I will always argue against any move to change.

These cronies want to also change the flag. Now this is an issue that has intrigued me for years.

When we compete on the sporting field we wear green and gold.

I could never really understand why this is so when the flag they fly to signify success is red, white and blue.

The Brits wear red, white and blue as do the Yanks, the Canadians red and white, all matching the colours of their flag, and so on it goes.

The Kiwis may have a similar problem to us with their black and white uniforms performing under a red, white and blue flag.

I used to have a school exercise where the kids designed their own Oz flag.

Maybe this idea should be put to the nation. I could live with green and gold.


I almost dread my weekly battle with the computer knowing one tiny spelling mistake can make your life absolute hell – and don’t trust spellcheck.

A chap was away on a business trip and sent a loving text to his wife. Unfortunately he missed an ‘e’.

This simple mistake came back to haunt him, forcing him to seek police protection to even enter his own home. This is what he sent his wife:

“Hi darling, I’m enjoying and experiencing the best time of my life and I wish you were her.”


Anagrams can result in some surprising outcomes. Take ASTRONOMER, rearrange the letters and you have ‘Moon Starer’. MORSE CODE – ‘Here come the dots’. SLOT MACHINES – ‘Cash lost in me’.

I love this one, ELECTION RESULTS becomes ‘Lies – let’s recount’.


The Leonard & Joan Oxley Memorial Award was established to recognize the wonderful contribution this couple made to establish Australia Day in Boorowa. This award recognizes the many years of dedicated and voluntary work given to this community.

This year’s recipient is Phoebe Stuart and I can assure you it would be much easier to list what Phoebe hasn’t been associated with than what she has. A worthy recipient if ever there was one.

Reflecting back on her life and what she had done, Phoebe included this little gem we could all relate to: “Twenty or thirty years ago I was a lot younger.”