Residents asked to watch their water usage

Following careful monitoring of Boorowa’s water supply levels, Level 1 water restrictions have been put in place to help manage demand and better preserve water resources for residents throughout the summer period.

“Given current weir levels, in order to meet present and future water requirements, it’s necessary to implement Level 1 water restrictions to help safeguard the town’s water supply through the drier months,” Ms Lee Furness, Hilltops Council’s Executive Director of Corporate and Community said.

“Level 1 water usage restrictions are simple measures that represent a common sense and pragmatic approach to being water wise, which is something everyone across the region – irrespective of water restrictions – should think about during the summer months,” she said.

Ms Furness said providing long-term water security for the Boorowa community is considered a top priority for Council.

“Boorowa’s water security is certainly high on Council’s agenda, and finding a long-term solution to this issue will be an integral part of Council’s Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) strategy which is currently under development,” Ms Furness said.

“The IWCM strategy will guide both Council and the community on creating a long-term water security plan, based on solutions that will provide outcomes both now, and into the future,” she said. 

Further information can be found on Hilltops Council website at