Unknown hazard of golf: Word in the Streets

Main road Frogmore - one of the worst in the Hilltops Local Government Area? Photo by John Snelling.

Main road Frogmore - one of the worst in the Hilltops Local Government Area? Photo by John Snelling.

Conversation over ‘after golf coffee’ last week got around to the subject of politics.

My commonly expressed view is that the Westminster System of democratic government, as Winston Churchill said, is not very good but it is the best we’ve got.

I often use the analogy that under our present system of government, if one side of politics moves black be black, the other side says it’s white.

One of my golfing buddies said politics federally, at the moment, is so bad he expects we’ll be going to the polls by March.

It was said we seem to not want Turnbull, Shorten, Pauline, De Natale or the such, so is there a possibility informal could top the poll.

An informal government, there’s a possibility to have a better government that wouldn’t be much worse than the present.

Mulling this over one of my wiser golfing buddies said the simplest solution is for the opposition to support the government of the day who have been given the mandate to govern by the Australian people. He’s gotta be dreaming – if it were only that simple.

Seriously, there has to be a better system of government that takes the politicking out of politics providing a form of government benefitting all.

If we keep searching, keep asking the question, who knows, we may even discover the ‘perfect democratic system of government’. Then again, we can all get up and start the day with, “Once upon a time …..”


Last week’s column mentioned the quality of the parade put on by the local cadet unit. One could not doubt the quality of the young people involved, their involvement in cadets helping to shape their character.

It has been said over the years, and more so in recent years, that some form of National Service be brought back to cater for the young unemployed.

National Service may involve some military training, but many tasks involved in the defence forces could provide vocational opportunities.

If the young cadets on display the other Saturday is any indication, National Service could help shape the futures of many young people currently unemployed.


Got a shock at golf last week. Just coming off the 9th tee I felt this nipping/stinging sensation in a part of my body we should keep private.

I started hopping and jumping around until I dropped my strides mid fairway and discovered I was being attacked by large black bull ants. Got rid of the ants, hauled up the strides and continued on.

While putting out, I suddenly felt that nipping sensation again. Again the strides came down and I removed the last black culprit.

Another hazard of golf – ants in the pants.


There has been reaction to my appeal for people to nominate their worst road in the Hilltops area.

So far six nominations being Frogmore and Rugby main streets, Grassy Creek Road, Maryvale Road, Gentle Destiny Road and Brial Road.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sealed or gravel, if it’s bad, nominate it. Remember the squeaky wheel.


I’ve given the pollies a shellacking today, so will leave them alone for a while. Here is something to think about in the interum:

”When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become PM. I’m beginning to believe it.” (Irving Stone)

‘Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” (Plato)