Creating connections to help native species

Damon Oliver at Bird Walk with Albert Wilson and Sharman Darnell.
Damon Oliver at Bird Walk with Albert Wilson and Sharman Darnell.

Boorowa Community Landcare held a workshop at a members property on Rye Park Rd on November 4 to celebrate the Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation grant, Creating Connections for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch.

Three guests Nicki Taws from Greening Australia, Lesley Peden from Land for Wildlife and Damon Oliver from NSW Environment and Heritage met landcare members at 8am for a bird walk through a well established planting on a former erosion site.

The bird watchers then walked through nearby paddocks and then down to the banks of the Pudman Creek.

During the walk, 48 bird species were identified around the wool shed and along Pudman Creek.

Highlights were the two threatened species (Superb Parrots and Dusky Woodswallows feeding three chicks in the nest) and the Crested Shrike-tit which is an uncommon and declining woodland bird.

A total of ten Superb Parrots were sighted on the day.

During the bird walk Nicki Taws and Damon Oliver identified local birds from their call, flight pattern or by sight.

Birds reflect the health of the environment in which they live as they eat a range of insects attacking local trees and assist in seed dispersion.

Birds also nest in a range of different environments within trees, in shrubby understory plants and in grasslands.

The Boorowa Community Landcare group encourages landholders and residents to protect and create new habitat for Superb Parrots and other woodland birds who live or migrate through our region.

Tree hollows are a critical habitat for Superb Parrot breeding and your local Landcare group encourages all landholders and residents to protect these natural resources which can take over a hundred years for nature to create.

The group then had a hearty breakfast where Lesley Peden spoke about the Land for Wildlife program where landholders can book a review where an inventory of trees, shrubs and gasses species on the landholders property will be identified and documented for the landholder.

Damon Oliver spoke about the habitat and food requirements of the Superb Parrot and woodland birds in the shade of a very large River Red gum.

He also provided listings of trees and shrubs which are important food sources for our local and migrating woodland birds, including the Superb Parrot.

The next major event to be held by the Boorowa Community Landcare group is scheduled for the weekend of December 16 and 17 where we will be sowing native seed at the Bowning Primary School.

We will then collect native seed at a property on Lachlan Valley Road.

On the Sunday, December 17 we will be creating new habitat for Pygmy Perch in Pudman Creek by planting water plants on a property on Dalton Rd, Rye Park.

Luke Pearce from DPI Fisheries will be directing the planting process which will provide new habitat for the Superb Parrot.

If you would like to attend these events please contact the Boorowa Landcare co-ordinator Linda Cavanagh at or 6385 1249.