Pillowcase Project presentation helping students

On Wednesday, November 1 St Joseph’s Year 3 to 6 students were visited by two representatives from the Australian Red Cross, Sue and Lillian.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce and take the students through a program called the Pillowcase Project.

Throughout the presentation, the students learnt more about the ways in which they can prepare for and recover from all types of disasters and critical situations that may occur in their lives.

These include natural disasters such as floods and bushfires to family situations such as a death in the family.

The students learnt about the necessary items needed in an emergency, and how to react in an emergency.

Towards the end of the session the student were each provided with a pillowcase to decorate, which also outlined on its design the essentials items that should be in it to take if and when an emergency occurred.

St. Joseph’s would like to thank Sue and Lillian for their time and efforts, and also the Australian Red cross for providing this valuable program.