Store to be sure ahead of mains repair work

Residents of Young, Harden and surrounds are being encouraged to store an overnight supply of water when essential planned mains repair work takes place at the end of the month.

Hilltops Council General Manager Anthony McMahon said Goldenfields Water will be repairing a major water main at their Water Beggan Settlement Road Pump station overnight on Monday, October  30, 2017 (8pm Monday, October 30 till 8am Tuesday, October 31).

“As a result of the repairs, the water supply will be affected. This will vary for residents depending on their location, but may range from lower water pressure to a water supply outage,” Mr McMahon said.

“Plans are in place to have all the town reservoirs full before the pump station shutdown; this will help mitigate any significant disruptions, however residents should store sufficient water for that night, keep taps closed and generally watch their water consumption during this time.

“When the water supply is restored on the Tuesday morning, residents should check their water quality from the tap nearest to the water meter to test for discolouration.

“If your water is discoloured, run the tap until the water clears. If it doesn’t clear, residents should let Council know straight away,” he said.

For further information:

Goldenfields Water: 6977 3200 (Monday to Friday during office hours) or 1800 800 917 (outside office hours); or Hilltops Council (Harden office): 6386 0100 (Monday to Friday during office hours) or 6386 0160 (outside office hours).