Word in the Streets: Plenty going on in town for all

What a view! Boorowa Library overlooks the park and is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Photo by John Snelling.

What a view! Boorowa Library overlooks the park and is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Photo by John Snelling.

Tomorrow the marauding mites descend upon the Showground to flex their mighty muscles and enjoy a day of sport in a sporting spectacular unlike anything else in the Southern Hemisphere.

The annual Touch/Netball Carnival is here again, attracting some 4000 kids plus parents and teachers to this fabulous day.

The logistics of putting this day on is a marvel, and I dips my lid to the organizing committee who bring this all together.

Four thousand kids playing sport for the sake of sport with winning not an important consideration – fabulous.


When is a library more than a library?

Pop into the Boorowa Library and you’ll find it’s much more than books and borrowing.

The library has a monthly calendar that includes knitting, colouring, drawing, cooking, sewing, kids’ Puggle Time and the Readers and Writers Groups meet there monthly.

The library does have books, CD’s and magazines, plus internet access.

A great service for Boorowa and district.

At times the library provides special presentations and exhibits such as the World War 1 box 1 exhibit on display from Wednesday October 25 until Thursday November 2.

This exhibit is all about Australia’s involvement in WW1, the box being filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment and artifacts from that war.

It explores the Anzac experience and touches on the contribution of sailors, airmen, nurses and those at home during this defining period in our nation’s history.

There you are, another reason to visit Boorowa’s fabulous library – the library with a view.


A 16yo boy comes home with a Porsche and his parents scream, “Where did you get that car?”

“I bought it,” the boy replied.

“Do you know what a Porsche costs?”

“This one cost me $15.00.”

The parents begin to yell even louder, “Who could sell a car like that for $15.00?”

The boy told them it was the lady up the street who’d just moved in, he’d been riding past and she asked him if he wanted to buy a Porsche for $15.00.

The parents were by now really alarmed, thinking the women could be a child molester or worse.

The father stormed out to sort this out.

The father found the lady tending to the flowers in her garden, he introduced himself as the boy’s father and demanded to know how she could possibly sell a Porsche for $15.00.

“Well,” she said, “I got a phone call from my husband, I thought he was on a business trip, but had learned from a friend he has run off to Hawaii with his secretary.”

“Apparently she stole his money and stranded him there. He called me without a dollar to his name and asked me to sell his Porsche and send him the money, so, that’s exactly what I’ve done.


Many people can’t understand why there is a shortage of oil in Australia.

It seems no one has bothered to check the oil levels.

The reason why we didn’t know we were getting low is more than purely geographic with our oil being located in Bass Strait, East Queensland Shale Fields, Canning Basin, Perth Basin and North-West Continental Shelf.

The DIPSTICKS are in Canberra.


I’ll leave you with this thought:

“’Do not touch’ must be one of the scariest things to read in Braille.”