Word in the Streets with John Snelling

There were plenty of people out and about in Boorowa last weekend, checking out the Quick Shear, Rodeo and the always popular Woolfest. Photo by Lizz Dobson.
There were plenty of people out and about in Boorowa last weekend, checking out the Quick Shear, Rodeo and the always popular Woolfest. Photo by Lizz Dobson.

Sunday brought an absolute perfect Spring day for the 21st Irish Woolfest and the people turned out in great numbers to watch the sheep run and enjoy a fabulous day.

I wouldn’t think it was our biggest attendance, but the crowd hung on well into the afternoon, testament to the quality of the attractions, the stalls offering such a variety of quality goods and, of course, the weather. St John’s Art Show on Friday night got the weekend off to a flyer with good attendance at the cocktail party, and, I noticed, a strong sale of paintings. Seemed to be red spots everywhere.

Unfortunately the rodeo was cut short with nasty injuries to three participants early in the evening causing the rest of the program to be called off. Two riders were taken out by helicopter to Canberra and a shute attendant suffered serious leg injuries and was taken to Wagga. A spectator was also injured in the latter incident causing the ambulance to be called again. The Rodeo seems to carry a bit of a jinx, remembering last year’s washout. All in all, a fabulous weekend. Congratulations to the event organisers Janene Hurley supported by Issy Graziani. 


Like your Country Music, or simply appreciate a wonderful talent, not to be missed, Christie Lamb is coming to Boorowa this month.

Christie Lamb is a Golden Guitar winner for CMAA New Talent of the Tear 2016, she was also voted CMC New Oz Artist 2015. Her song ‘Flamethrower’ made number one on Foxtel’s Country Music Program.Christie’s albums have achieved considerable success with her debut album ‘All She Wrote’ debuting at two on the Aria Country Chart in 2014.

Boorowa will welcome a super talent performing at the Ex-Services Club Friday October 13. I urge you to not only get along to hear this wonderful entertainer, but also support your club in their efforts to bring high class talent to Boorowa.


Late the other night at the White House Donald Trump received a phone call, answering, “So, what is it that’s so important it can’t wait until morning?”

Hilary Clinton, on the other end of the line, said, “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg just died, and I would very much like to take her place.”

Trump very quickly responded to Hilary’s request, saying, “Well, it’s all right with me if it’s okay with the funeral home.”


I am absolutely convinced the people we elect to government border on incompetent. One needs look no further than the marriage plebiscite. What should have been done and dusted weeks ago goes on and on, unfortunately largely dividing the nation. In the first place the Government should have had the intestinal fortitude to make a decision in the House. No! We go to a costly postal vote.

One or two weeks to get information out to the public, saturation education if you wish, then have a media blackout apart from voting requirements. Letters out the following week to be returned by the end of the week following, voila, start counting. Current process is taking too long. Alarmingly, after all this, the Government is not compelled to heed the result, thus: “An optimist is someone who thinks the future is uncertain.” (Anon)