Darts Grand Finals Thursday

The 2017 darts season reaches its climax tonight as the two best teams in each grade take to the oche to decide the champions for this year.

All of the matches will be held at the Ex-Services Club so it’s a great chance for spectators to see all three grand finals at one venue.

In A Grade, The two most successful teams, the Rec Gold and Ram Z will face off the title.

In the B Grade, Top Pub Shamrocks will play Top Pub Leprechauns

In C Grade the Naughty Courty will play Top Pub Jameson’s

In last week’s A Grade Rec Gold beat Rec Green 4-2. Ram Z 5 beat Top Guinness 2.

In B Grade the Top Leprechauns beat the Courthouse Two 4-2

In C Grade the Top Pub Jameson’s beat the Top Pub Gaelic’s.

Play will commence at 7.30pm and all matches are expected to be very close contests.

The darts won’t end tonight with next week being the singles championships.

If you haven’t already done so, please register on the lists provided at your local venue as soon as possible.

This is always a great night and first round losers do get a double chance.

See you at the club tonight to watch our very best go head to head.