Junior League's night of nights

The Harden/Boorowa Bushawks enjoyed a very successful season this year which was wrapped up at their presentation night last Friday, September 22.

Team awards were presented to;

Under 6: Best and Fairest – Thomas Coble, Most Consistent – Mackenzie Hambrook, Coaches – Alexander McMillan and Amy Manwaring.

Under 7: Best and Fairest – Ethan Abnett, Most Consistent – Bailey McKinnon, Coaches – Tarell Karaitiana-Halls.

Under 8: Best and Fairest – Jayden Steele, Most Consistent – Daniel Minehan, Coaches – Peter Bowman.

Under 9: Best and Fairest – Jacob McKinnon, Most Consistent – Noah Coble, Coaches – Ben Young.

Under 10: Best and Fairest – Kyle Pye, Most Consistent – Archie Gay, Coaches – Tristen Pye.

Under 11: Best and Fairest – Harvey Gay, Most Consistent – Lucas Cayfe, Coaches – Ned Flick and Charlie Fogg.

Under 13: Best and Fairest – Cooper Cross, Most Consistent – Beau Abnett, Coaches – Joe Prosper.

Under 14: Best and Fairest – Joie Whybrow, Most Consistent – Jacob Piper, Coaches – Darcy Fogg.

Under 9LT: Best and Fairest – Talia McKay, Most Consistent – Emma Craig, Coaches – Grace Shea.

Under 10LT: Best and Fairest – Eliza Taylor, Most Consistent – Sara Collins, Coaches – Evie Munns

Under 11LT: Best and Fairest – Hayley Hambrook, Most Consistent – Shania McKinnon, Coaches – Ella Cross and Heidi O'Connor.

Under 13LT: Best and Fairest – Imogen Pye, Most Consistent – Clare Flick, Coaches – Stephanie Piper

Under 15LT: Best and Fairest – Chloe Wade, Most Consistent – Kaylah Edwards, Coaches – Abbey Davis

The Harden/Boorowa Under 11s never gave up in their match.

The Harden/Boorowa Under 11s never gave up in their match.

Group 9 Representative Players Marlie McIntosh, Imogen Pye, Joshua Demont, William Fahey, Cooper Cross, Joie Whybrow, Heidi O"Connor and Hunter Ings

The Ken Malone Memorial Best and Fairest Boorowa Under 8 Player was Archie Coble.

The Boorowa Junior League Most Improved Overall was Jacob Kennedy.

The Kay McDonald Rookie of the year was Joshua Demont.

The Jack Elkins Junior Club Person was Tracey Noakes.

The Crossbuild Most Constructive player was Harry Dymock.

The Boorowa Junior Rugby League Tag Champion was Eliza Taylor.

The Chris Turner Most Committed player was Mitchel Cassells.

The Boorowa Junior Rugby League Life Members Junior Champion was Thomas Coble.

The Les McInnes Memorial Senior Champion was Cooper Cross.

Beere Family Rugby League Player of the Finals Series was Harvey Gay.

Beere Family League Tag Player of the Finals Series was Shania McKinnon and Ella Cross

There was no Justin Crawford Trophy recipient for 2017.

The Boorowa/Harden Junior rugby League AGM will be held on Tuesday, October 10, 7pm at the Courthouse Hotel.

Supplied photos can be viewed online at the Boorowa News website.