Wantana Hills getting ready for ram sale

Wantana Joe at the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Wantana Joe at the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Wantana Hills Merino Stud, formerly known as Wantana and operating from Pine Hills property, is pleased to announce their upcoming sale on October 5. 

Jim has purchased Bill and Sharee Darmody's share of the stud Rams and stud ewes, and will be operating as normal.

​Wantana Tyson, winner of the SWSSMB Central Test Sire Evaluation in 2003 is still breeding strong fifteen years on.

Tyson’s great grandson Wantana Joe took out several brood ribbons at the 2014 Sydney Royal Show.

Wantana Joe’s Wool cut 12.3kg, 17.7mic and body weight 120.8kg

Wantana Yellow 102, named Wantana Joe (after Joe Fraser), was born a late lamb and was a backup joining to an AI Program. He is out of one of our Top Stud Ewes.

Old Tyson was a very wooly Ram and it is great to see him still breeding this on.

These days everyone is looking for bigger wool cuts and body frames. Wantana has always produced better microns through producing better wool, a bold crimping wool that still tests well and weighs heavy.

At Pine Hills 2015 shearing (Wantana Blood) shorn at 11mths, studs averaged 7.6kg at 19.5mic, Est 12mths wools cuts would be 8.3kg.

Wethers shorn at 11mths averaged 7.95kg at 19.4mic, Est of 12mths wools cuts being 8.67kg. Flock Ewes shorn at 11mths averaged 6.8kg at 19.0mic, Est of 12 mths wool cut being 7.4kg. Thirty percent of these sheep were only 20 months of age and twenty percent were 6-8 years old.

In this year’s sale, Wantana has Rams for sale from our Sydney Champion Medium Wool August shorn Ram “Travis” (he cut 14.5kg at 18.6mic), Canberra Reserve Champion Med/strong “Steve” (he cut 13.3kg blade shorn at 19.6mic and weighed 128.6kg)

Wantana Tyson.

Wantana Tyson.

Wantana also has on offer at this year’s sale, progeny of RP 11-715 (purchased Cottage Park in 2013 $15,000; he cut 17kg at 16.8mic, body weight 132kg)

Wantana also has our Wan Ben family genetics in the sale. This ewe was described by John Williams as one of the best ewes he had ever seen.

Our clients are reporting great improvements in wool cut and body size, many have gone on to compete very well in Flock Ewe competitions, with a number of top 12 finishes in wether trials.

One such client is Tim Dowling from Murringo. Tim entered the Bookham 2011 – 2014 Wether trials and came in the top four in the commercial Wether Trial for $ per head out of 26 teams.

Tim cut $129.81 with the winner only just in front of him with $132.70. Wantana Merino Stud came 3rd in Wether Trial per DSE. Wantana offers a Free Wool classing service.