Fresh food markets a growing trend

Gone are the days when we just popped out the back to pluck a tomato or carrot from the garden just in time for dinner.

Having grown up in Newcastle on a quarter-acre block with lawn out the front to play and room out the back for a decent veggie garden, it was quite an adjustment when I moved into my inner-city Sydney apartment. Homegrown fruit and veg is now but a distant memory for me.

Luckily, demand for fresh and homegrown produce is enjoying a revival as we become increasingly savvy about our buying power, and demand subsequently increases for affordable, sustainable and local produce.

Weekly farmers markets now give us regular access to fresh produce without requiring hours of hard labour in the yard. From fresh fruit and veg to homemade jams, right through to fresh bread and plants, farmers markets offer great selections. 

It’s not just about the frequency of fresh food though. Developing relationships with providers themselves is becoming increasingly important to people who want to support local farmers as well as fill their fridges with the freshest produce.

Markets give us a great opportunity to chat with the growers themselves and make informed decisions about what gets served up on our plates.

If you’re keen to give the supermarket a miss and instead fill your fridge with fresh produce that was grown nearby, there’s probably a farmers market near your place. Ask your community on for details, or Google ‘farmers market’ along with your town. 

If you’re like me and don’t always have the time to hit the markets every weekend, start a fruit and veg co-op with friends and neighbours. It’s never been easier to buy fresh fruit and veg. Your body and bank account will thank you for it.

Renee Dube from