Darts finals tonight

With the first round of semi finals done and dusted, tonight sees another big round of elimination matches. 

In A Grade, the three man Guinness team, who survived last week now face an enormous task against the Ram Z at the Ram. 

In the other semi, The Rec Gold will host the Rec Green in a local derby that should see the Gold win. 

However Darts is a funny game and an upset would not surprise.

In the B Grade, the Top Pub Leprechauns take on the Courty Two at the Top Pub for the right to play the Top Pub Shamrocks in the big one. 

This match could go either way and will most likely come down to the team’s event.

In C Grade, the Top Pub Jameson’s play off against the Top Pub Gaelics for the right to play the Naughty Courty in the big one next Thursday.

Last weeks semis saw in:

A Grade:

  • Top Pub Guinness 4 beat Ex-Services 26’s 3
  • Rec Green beat Randy Stallions

B Grade: 

  • Top Pub Shamrocks 4 beat Top Pub Leprechauns 3
  • Courty Two 4 beat RSL 3

C Grade: 

  • Naughty Courty 5 beat Top Pub Jameson’s 2
  • Top Pub Gaelic’s beat Mad Rams

It’s really down to the business end of the season now. 

There is no tomorrow for the losers.

If you want to see tension, if you want to see drama or you just want a laugh, get down to one of the semi final venues for all the action.

It’s going to be huge.