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Taura Hemara and Chris Grady in the open section of last year's Quick Shear.
Taura Hemara and Chris Grady in the open section of last year's Quick Shear.

It’s one of the fastest growing, agricultural sports around and shearers from Boorowa and around Australia will have the opportunity to show off their skills during the annual Quick Shear on October 30. 

Taking place at the back of the Court House Hotel off Pudman Street, the Quick Shear Competition always attracts plenty of competitors and spectators alike. 

Co-organiser Chris McIntosh from the Court House Hotel said it is a great opportunity to get a look at what happens inside a shearing shed every day. 

“If someone is never going to get the chance to go to a shearing shed and see sheep shorn, this is their chance to see sheep shorn how they do it in the sheds,” he said. 

The aim of Quick Shear is simple – shear the sheep as fast and as cleanly as possible. 

“They get timed and they get scored on cuts and how they have been shorn,” Chris said. 

“They have a red and green light and there are a couple of blokes there as judges… once they get timed, they’ve got to wait for the light to see whether it’s approved or not. 

“So it just depends on how they have been shorn.” 

More than $6000 worth of cash and prizes are up for grabs on the day across four different sections – Open, Intermediate, Learner and Local. 

Chris, who has been hosting the event for a number of years now, says it brings plenty of people to watch the action on the day. 

“It’s a great opportunity, it’s in the main street. Originally it was over on the other side of town  and didn’t get the exposure it probably should of,” he said. 

“Now… they are wandering up and down the street for the long weekend and they get to just duck in and see it.

“They love it and I think every year, it’s only getting bigger. You get people from the city who have never seen sheep shorn.” 

Winner of the Open section will take home $1,500, second place receives $750, third place $400 and fourth place receives $200. 

In the Intermediate section, the winner walks away with $600, second place $300, third $150 and fourth $100. 

For those new to Quick Shear, there is a Learners category, with $300 for first prize, second prize $200, third $100 and fourth $50. 

There is also a Local section for Boorowa’s best to show off their skills. 

First prize in the Locals will walk away with $600, second prize is $350, third $250 and fourth $150. 

Please note the Local to be run as a separate event with an additional nomination fee required.

Entry fee is $30, which includes a free Quick Shear singlet. 

Register with Chris on 6385 3005 or Andrew Ford on 0447 851 218.