Darts final round Thursday

Tonight will see the final round of local darts before this year’s semi-final series begins and it promises to be one with plenty of exciting match ups. The draw for the final round tonight is as follows:

A Grade: Rec Green v Randy Stallions, Ram Z v Rec Gold, Top Pub Guinness v Ex-Services 26’s

B Grade: Courty Two v Top Pub Leprechauns, RSL v Top Pub Shamrocks

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s v Mad Rams, Top Pub Gaelic’s V Naughty Courty

Meanwhile last weeks results were as follows:

A Grade: Ram Z 4 beat Top Pub Guinness 3, Rec Gold 6 beat Randy Stallions 1, Ex-Services 26’s 7 beat Rec Green 0.

B Grade: Courty Two 6 beat RSL 1, Top Pub Leprechauns 6 beat Top Pub Shamrocks 1.

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s 4 beat Top Pub Gaelic’s 2, Naughty Courty 5 beat Mad Rams 2

Highlights of round nine included eight tons to Josh Carmody of the Ram Z. Darrell Armour hit a 140 for the RSL whilst Shane Karchinski hit a 138 for the Courty. 

Sharpie hit a high 153 for the Jameson’s whilst Rec Gold star Rod Neeson impressed as did Mitch Leslie of the Stallions with multiple centuries.

There’s plenty of hot action at every venue around town so why not make a night of it and head down to your local tonight. See you at the boards.