Girl power in darts

It’s been a long time between drinks since one of our female darters hit a maximum 180 in the local competition but Lucy Dwyer changed all that last week when she did it for the ladies putting on a show for the Ex-Services 26’s.

Lucy has been one of the big improvers in local darts and the maximum was thoroughly deserved.

No doubt she will dine out on bragging rights for a few weeks over her fellow 26’s team mates.

Meanwhile Chris Dwyer hit a 125 an another ton.

Obviously a lot of down time in the paddock over winter, means plenty of time for darts at the Dwyer residence.

Meanwhile Dennis Watson caused a boil over beating the talented Rod Neeson whilst Phil Johnston produced two double 16’s for a 64 pegout.

Dennis also hit a 174 on the night. Pat Beadman hit a 138 for the Gaelics.

Kris halls jagged a nice 140 for the RAM Z as did Phil Coggins for the Guiness.

The results from last weeks round of darts were:

A Grade: Top Pub Guinness 4 beat Randy Stallions 3, Rec Gold 5 beat Rec Green 2, Ram Z 4 beat Ex-Services 3.

B Grade: Courty Two 4 beat Top Pub Leprechauns 3, Top Pub Shamrocks 5 beat RSL 2,

C Grade: Naughty Courty 4 beat Top Pub Gaelic’s 3, Top Pub Jameson’s 5 beat Mad Rams 2

The draw for round eight tonight is:

A Grade: Randy Stallions V Ex-Services 26’s , Rec Green v Ram Z, Top Pub Guinness v Rec Gold

B Grade: RSL v Top Pub Leprechauns, Top Pub Shamrocks v Courty Two

C Grade: Top Pub Gaelic’s V Mad Rams, Naughty Courty v Top Pub Jameson’s