Darts action

Results from last week’s round four darts action saw the following results:

A Grade: Ram Z 5 beat Top Pub Guinness 2, Ex-Services 5 beat Rec Green 2, and Rec Gold 5 beat Randy Stallions 2

B Grade: Top Pub Leprechauns 4 beat Courty Two 3, RSL 4 beat Shamrocks 3.

C Grade: Naughty Courty 6 beat Top Pub Gaelic’s 1, Mad Rams 4 beat Top Pub Jameson’s 3

In matches around the venues, Richard Roberts hit a 134 in the Courty Two win.

Tim Good hit a 140 for Rec Green and Judy Jordan impressed with a 140 for the Ex-services 26’s.

Rod Neeson was in top form jagging three 140’s for Rec Gold.

Jamie Ann Griffiths impressed for the  Leprechauns with a 120 whilst Harry Corcoran got a 114 for the Courty Two.

A highlights of the round was a 180 by Josh Carmody for the Ram Z.

In a singles game reminiscent of the Hare versus the Tortoise story, the hare (Josh) hit a 180 followed by two tons to have the Tortoise (Phil Coggins) still stranded near the start line.

However slow and steady wins the race and Coggo was able to run Josh down and take the match.

Week five of darts action sees the following match ups with the home team first.

A Grade: Rec Green v Randy Stallions, Ex-Service 26’s v Top Pub Guinness, Ram Z v Rec Gold.

B Grade: Top Pub Leprechauns v RSL , Courty Two v Top Pub Shamrocks

C Grade: Mad Rams v Top Pub Gaelic’s, Top Pub Jameson’s v Naughty Courty

See you at the darts at avenue near you.