Darts sides all back on deck

Last Thursday night saw the darts competition get back into full swing as all sides battle for dominance in their respective grades.

The results were as follows

A Grade: Top Pub Guinness 4 beat Randy Stallions 3, Rec Gold 7 beat Rec Green 0, Ram Z 7 beat Ex-Services 26’s 0

B Grade: Top Pub Shamrocks 5 beat Courty 2, Top Pub Leprechauns 4 beat RSL 3

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s 6 beat Naughty Courty 1, Top Pub Gaelic’s 7 beat Mad Rams 0

Among some of the highlights of the round were maximum 180’s to both Steve Makin and Rod Neeson of the Rec Gold whilst Tim Good also hit a 174 for the Rec Green in the same match.

Meanwhile across town Trent Crawford hit a 145 for the Courty against the Shamrocks.

Matt Bourke hit a 122 for the Gaelic’s whilst Leteesha Peace played well for the Mad Rams and picked up a 108.

Josh Carmody was in good form for the Ram with seven tons whilst David Apps hit a 138 for the Leprechauns.

There was certainly some good darts being thrown as sides have step up the pace in the second half of the season.

The draw for tonight’s round is:

A Grade: Ex-Services v Randy Stallions, Ram Z v Rec Green and Rec Gold v Top Pub Guinness

B Grade: Courty Two v RSL and Top Pub Leprechauns v Top Pub Shamrocks

C Grade: Top Pub Jameson’s v Top Pub Gaelic’s and Mad Rams v Naught Courty

It’s another big night so head to a venue near you for all your darts action.