More power to the people: Word in the Streets

Power is very much on the minds of consumers throughout NSW and the entire country. People are concerned about the rising costs, but probably more scary is the reliability of supply.

Alternative methods of generating electricity and storage of power is very much to the fore, but I ask you, are we going too fast?

We are currently closing efficient coal powered stations like Hazelwood in Victoria and planning to close Liddell in the Hunter Valley in 2022, Liddell, a bigger power producer than Hazelwood.

Surely gaps in supply will arise if we haven’t got an efficient and reliable alternative. South Australia has already faced that dilemma.

SA had billionaire Elon Musk offering to build the world’s biggest battery. Very nice, but this would only supply 5% of the power output of the Liddell station.

Move on by all means, but don’t turn off a tried and true power generation system simply to please the ‘Global Warming Alarmists’. Australians want an improved, not deteriorating, standard of living.

Stephen Galiliee (CEO NSW Mineral Council) sums up the argument well, “Australians deserve better than to be treated like bacteria in a petri dish for the development of renewable energy technology”.


Farmer Jack once lived on a quiet rural highway, but traffic built up and got so fast Jack’s free range chickens were being run over at alarming rates.

He called the local police station complaining, “You’ve got to do something to stop drivers going so fast and killing my chickens.”

“What do you want me to do?” asked the policeman.

“I don’t know, just do something to slow those crazy drivers.’ Replied Jack.

The next day a sign went up, ‘SCHOOL CROSSING’, but Jack was back on the phone complaining only days later.

A new sign was put up, ‘SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY’. This time Jack reported the drivers only got faster, so he asked, “Your signs have failed, can I put up my own?”

To get Jack off his back, the policeman agreed. The calls stopped.

Curiosity got the better of the policeman, he rang Jack, “How is the problem with speeding drivers? Did you put up your sign?”

“Sure,” replied Jack, “I haven’t lost one chicken.”

Being really curious and thinking he may be able to use Jack’s idea, the policeman drove out to have a look. His jaw dropped the moment he saw the sign: ‘NUDIST COLONY – Slow down and watch for chicks’.


Crunch time for potential Council candidates is almost upon us with the time to nominate opening Monday July 31 and closing Wednesday August 9.

Information sessions for potential candidates have been held, but further information is available from or by ringing Stephanie Howdle 6380 1200.

I only hope we get 11 Councillors aiming to take Hilltops forward, and firmly believe anyone seeking election intending to reverse the amalgamation decision is wasting their time and would only waste a seat on Council.

We want positive, not negative Councillors.


Friday July 21, is a chance to get rid of all those old and unwanted nasties stashed in your cupboards, garage or shed. Solvents, pesticides, batteries, old paint, cleaners, etc. Take it all up the Showground between 8am and 11am, and voila, Spring cleaning early.

Time to get down and dirty:

“You don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.” (Cecil Baxter)