Team sorting in Boorowa

On May 13 and 14, 2017, the Boorowa Show Society held a very successful team sorting event at the Boorowa Showground.

There were one hundred and five adult riders and twenty eight junior riders competing over the two day event.

The aim of the competition is to sort ten head of cattle through a gate in correct order and the pair of riders have two minutes to achieve this.

The juniors have the same amount of time but only sort five head of cattle.

The best time for the weekend in the adults went to Neville Shoemark and Dale Polson on a time of 59.04 seconds.

The best time for the weekend for the juniors was Jamie Derwent and Tiff Lee on a time of 37.50 seconds.

Our Sportsmanship Awards went to Greg Cant from Crookwell and Kathy Dowling from Yass.

The most cattle sorted jacket went to Owen Parker, who sorted 53 out of a possible 60 for the weekend and the Ladies went to Shelley Neale who sorted 47 out of a possible 60.

The most sorted junior rider was Jayden Jeffree who sorted 30 head of cattle, which is a perfect score.

We also had a young and old competition when an adult rides with a junior and they sort five head of cattle.

This was won by Robert Laurie and Alice Dymock with a time of 42.41 seconds.

This is a very popular event with the spectators.

Our Junior Encouragement Awards went to Chloe Dowling and Jack O’Neill.

All riders compete in events at Boorowa, Yass, Braidwood, Taralga, Crookwell, Gunning and Grenfell and the fifty adult riders with the highest score compete in the finals at Taralga in November of each year.