Raising good points: letter to the editor

Stan Russell's wide ranging letter raised some succinct points.

Information about the different levels of Government may be had under the Freedom of Information Act.

This usually takes many weeks, sometimes months.

Should Hilltops 'Council' publish details of forthcoming litigation "without prejudice"?

"Sulo”, one manufacturer of wheelie bins, does not publish its prices online.

$200,000 for the town of Young would seem a snip..… 

The local tip (sorry, Waste Transfer Station) at Boorowa, provides excellent facilities.

Some citizens appear unable to sort stuff.

Plenty of plastic in the 'woodheap' for burning the 'greenwaste' metal section. 

All the above is also dumped in the pit.

Wake up men and women. This costs cash!

I am informed the Council pays for removal of metal waste. Why, when it earns money for the recycler?

Children's plastic toys: why not recycle through play groups and such?

Most end in the pit, where they will never degenerate.

My concern, on this finite planet, is for my children, grandchildren, and all succeeding generations.

You have my support Stan.

In country towns we are quite lucky: four plastic bins, on the front verandas of terrace houses, in Paddington, add a certain quiet charm to the street scape.