#PutYourGravyOut campaign is for Paul Kelly fans, Australians and anyone missing home

Sam Miles, one of the co-founders of #PutYourGravyOut.
Sam Miles, one of the co-founders of #PutYourGravyOut.

A Wagga man’s love of music and condiments has thrust him into the spotlight thanks to a tongue-in-cheek social media campaign.

Drawing inspiration from the Paul Kelly song How to Make Gravy, Sam Miles and his mates Matt Argaet and Thomas McIntyre started the #PutYourGravyOut campaign to encourage togetherness at Christmas.

In the song, a man writes a Christmas letter home from his jail cell on December 21, asking “who’s going to make the gravy?”

Mr Miles said it started as a joke, but quickly grew from there.

“We’ve listened to him for a few years now and we wanted to see if people would do anything,” he said. “He’s the voice of Australia and everybody should celebrate him and great condiments at the same time.”

Mr Argaet said he was surprised the campaign had taken off so quickly.

“The protagonist in the song is longing to be home and we see the gravy as a metaphor for longing and togetherness,” he said.

“We thought we could bring the Australian public together over its love of gravy.”

The Daily Advertiser was unable to contact Mr Kelly for comment, but his official Twitter account retweeted Mr McIntyre’s photo of flour, salt, red wine and tomato sauce, a reference to the recipe given in the song.

“It shows Australia’s love for Paul Kelly and gravy,” Mr Argaet said.