Letter: Wind farms a threat to lifestyle

To the Editor, 

I read with interest your article in the Boorowa News (November 10) on the Bango Wind Farm open day.

Project Manager Siobhan Isherwood commented “We had a great day.”

Well of course it was a great day for them…they only had around 50 people turn up!

Half of those would have been proposed hosts and others benefiting financially from the project and the remainder were mostly residents of the village of Rye Park that will be decimated by the combination of the Rye Park Wind Farm and the Bango Wind Farm.

Only having 50 people turn up means CWP Renewables continues to maintain their low profile in the Boorowa area, making it easier to sneak in a major development that will have a huge impact on the landscape, endangered wildlife and ecologies, and community relations.

The 122 turbines will be over 200 metres tall, the largest hardwood trees in the world are in Tasmania and are 100 metres tall.

The majority of the staff from the CWP Renewables “asset management and development teams” had never been to Boorowa before and had not been to the site of the proposed development.

These people were supposed to be able to tell us how we will be affected.

When challenged with the total devastation of the remnant vegetation along Meads Lane that will occur so that Boorowa can be bypassed by the large volume of additional traffic, a staff member, one of those who have never been to Boorowa, said the reason they were here was to get feedback and so Meads Lane could be removed as an access road and the traffic could be directed down the main street of Boorowa instead.

Can the main street of Boorowa deal with 40 heavy vehicles per day, up to 125 tonnes, 75 metres long and widths of up to 4.5 metres wide, along with the additional light vehicles associated with the project.

You have until November 28 to have your say by writing a submission in response to the EIS (Application) currently on public exhibition on the NSW Department of Planning/Major Projects website http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=6686 

It is daunting to read the 1872 page application but you only have to make a short comment to voice your concerns.

Why do you love living in Boorowa and Rye Park?

Do you want your home to be surrounded by an industrial power station and associated infrastructure or do you want to maintain the country lifestyle that keeps most of us here?

Jayne Apps, Rye Park.