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3 Guaranteed ways to boost the value of your property

3 Guaranteed ways to boost the value of your property

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A home is a valuable asset to many people. If this is the same for you, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the house serves you and your loved ones for longer.

Additionally, making improvements can help you enhance its liveability and comfortability for everyone.

Upgrading a home and taking care of it won't only benefit you as you live in it. These two steps also help to increase the value of your property.

This means that if you're looking to put your home on the market soon or someday in the future, you could help get some good money out of its sale.

How to maintain and upgrade a home to increase its value

When selling your home, certain things determine its worth. For instance, when identifying how much your valuable asset costs, most real estate agents look at your location, the recent sales within your region, the condition of the local market, and your home's condition.

While it may be hard to control some of these factors so they can favour you, changing how it looks is something you could do to raise its value.

In truth, there are many things you could do to maintain and upgrade your home to increase its worth. If you're looking for such strategies, this article could be helpful. Below are some measures you could take:

1. Keep up with repairs

Keeping up with repairs is one of the ways that could help you properly maintain your home and boost its value.

Therefore, if it's long since you did the last restorations, consider walking around and checking if there's anything broken or damaged. If you find some flaws, note them down and schedule repair days.

If you can do some restorations yourself, you could save some money on the cost of hiring a professional.

However, if some things are too complex for you, consider having an expert do them. The individual will do the restorations quickly and more efficiently. Besides, you'll avoid spending more money on secondary damages due to insufficient repairs.

Small breakages or damages around the house may seem minor. However, if a buyer looks around your property and finds several defects, they may use the flaws as a bargaining point, lowering your home's value.

Therefore, before your house is on the market, ensure you've done all necessary repairs. It'll give an impression that it has been properly taken care of. Therefore, it'll attract many buyers, which can be a good selling point for you.

3 Guaranteed ways to boost the value of your property

2. Add Usable Space

Your property's usable space could affect its value. In most cases, homes with more functional areas may be priced higher than those with less.

You could do several things to add more usable space to your property. For instance, you can build a deck, patio, separate guest room, gaming area, more storage space, or add a new bathroom.

To identify what most buyers are looking for, do more research online or talk to an experienced real estate agent.

When making any of these changes, ensure you check your city's regulations. This is because some modifications may require you to get a permit.

This way, you'll avoid hefty penalties if a city inspector realises that you didn't acquire legal authorisation for the home improvements you made.

For instance, you could be forced to get the permit at a price twice or thrice higher than the standard rates, or you may be asked to undo the changes.

If you're in the process of selling your home, it could even be worse because unauthorised property improvements could lower your home's value.

3. Enhance its kerb appeal

Enhancing your property's kerb appeal could also help you improve its worth. This means increasing the level of attractiveness a buyer may feel for your home when looking at it from the street.

You could do several things to better your property's kerb appeal. For instance, you could add more exterior lighting, upgrade your landscape, or include a small garden.

Improvements that cost you more money could offer you better returns. Examples are refreshing your siding, constructing an outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck, and adding a driveway or walkway.

When making any of these changes, also check if you need a permit. If you do, ensure you obtain it.


If you'd like to put your home on the market soon or in the future, you'd want to get more out of your sale.

In this article, you've learnt about some of the things you could do to improve your property's value. These include ensuring it appears well kept by doing the necessary repairs, adding more usable space, and enhancing its kerb appeal.

Considering these steps could help ensure your home attracts more buyers. This way, you could sell it to the highest purchaser, acquiring a good amount of money out of its sale.