Show of “support”: Letters to the Editor

Show of “support”

The electors of this district, particularly those who don’t regularly follow the vicissitudes of the political circus, should be aware that one of the people who worked to oust Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an attempt to install Peter Dutton as PM, was our own local Federal Member Angus Taylor.

After voting for Peter Dutton early last week when the ‘spill’ was called, Mr Taylor then stood up in the House of Representatives, and sanctimoniously claimed that the sitting Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, had his support.

Some support!

About the only one who has emerged from this debacle with any credibility is former Deputy Leader Julie Bishop.

She filled that position for quite a long time with great loyalty to the leadership.

Loyalty is something that most in our Parliament don’t seem to understand.

I think most decent people will regard the machinations of many of our so called ‘representatives’ with the utmost contempt.

Derrick Mason, Boorowa

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