Fabulous fun at the show

With dagwood dogs and fairy floss eaten, scones baked and judged, ribbons and trophies presented we come to the end of another successful Boorowa Show.

Show Society President, Louise Baer, said the 2018 show was enjoyed by all.

“It was excellent, a really good day,” she said.

“The turnout was fabulous we had the third highest gate on record, everything fell into place, we had fabulous weather and the pavilion entries were good.

We’d like to thank the usual people ... without any of them, there is no show, so they all deserve thanks.

Show Society President, Louise Baer

“There were fabulous horse and alpaca entries, and the Flock Ewe final was great, two competitors going through into the next division,” she said.

Ms Baer said it was great to have Wal Merriman opening the show and thanked all who supported the show.

“It was very nice that Wal was able to open the show,” she said.

“We’d like to thank the usual people, stall holders, exhibitors, show society members, sponsors, competitors, spectators and the council ground staff. Without any of them, there is no show, so they all deserve thanks.

“Thanks also to the local community for their continuing support,” she said.

Ms Baer said she was looking forward to next year’s show.

“I hope it all continues,” she said

“I think some of the sections are getting bigger and bigger, including the events that belong to the show but aren’t held on show day.

“The commercial cattle competition, the team penning competition and the Flock Ewe competition, this year have all drawn really good crowds, with a lot of enthusiasm about them,” she said.