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New dating app bringing old school dating back

Image: Out There Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Alexandra Cuthbert (left) is poised to bring all the charm and excitement that comes with making connections back to modern dating culture.

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Calling all Melbourne singles! Get ready to get back 'Out There' post-COVID and rediscover all the joy and excitement that comes with connecting with people in the real world.

A disruptive new dating app that launched in Melbourne earlier this month aims to resurrect all the charm and excitement of dating culture before the era of mobile apps.

And yes, you heard that correctly. Prepare to meet the app designed to end all dating app fatigue. The 'Out There' app is now available for all Melbourne residents on the App Store. You can also download the app for Android on the Google Play Store as of April 1.

Developed in partnership with Melbourne app development specialists at DreamWalk App Development Agency, and dating and relationship coach Jess Matthews of The Boy Detox, the Out There app is designed to ensure that you can actually get face-to-face with any matches that you share a high compatibility rating with, meaning more high-quality conversations and less of the superficial swiping that makes up 90 per cent of most modern dating apps.

Here's what Melbourne singles can expect when they get back 'Out There'!

Doing away with endless swiping

Whether you're a serial monogamist or have oodles of experience within the modern dating scene, chances are that there are certain characteristics of today's dating culture that you could do without.

For instance, there's a general consensus that excessive swiping based on split-second judgements does a lot more harm than good, as it greatly limits the amount of connections that you may be able to make on dating apps.

That being said, with the sheer number of matches that can be generated on traditional dating apps and with very little assurance to the quality of those matches, modern singles have really had no choice but to adopt the 'endless swiping' model as a means of cutting through all the mess and noise in order to give themselves a chance at forming genuine connections.

On top of all of this, traditional dating apps come with the added obstacle of fake or spam accounts, designed to waste even more of the countless hours you may spend across your dating apps.

Thankfully, Out There's founders Alexandra Cuthbert and Joe Russell from DreamWalk, as well as the app's wider development team have thought of all of these common plagues that other dating apps face throughout Out There's preliminary design and development, just to ensure that Out There is ready to revolutionise the construct of dating apps as we've known them.

When you open the Out There app for the first time, you'll be promptly greeted with a minimal profile set-up page before the app takes you right into its personality and compatibility quizzes, expertly designed by dating coach Jess Matthews.

Not only will these quizzes ensure that you can open yourself up to high-quality matches from the get-go, but they also keep the likelihood of the app procuring spam accounts to an absolute minimum, meaning that you'll be guaranteed to open yourself up to real people and real people alone.

Meet real people in the real world

Out There co-founders Alexandra Cuthbert and Joe Russell from DreamWalk hope that the app encourages Melbournians to dive back into the city's nightlife post-COVID, and reacquaint themselves with the thrill of making real connections with like-minded people in the real world and firmly away from their phone screens.

But how exactly does the Out There app prioritise real connections over faceless text messaging?

Thanks to the app's thorough compatibility algorithms that take into account a number of key qualities like your gender and sexual orientation, hobbies and interests, religious and political affiliations (to ensure long-term compatibility), and a selection of other personal preferences for partners that you consider to be key, the Out There app can actually recommend locations in your vicinity where you'll be most likely to find like-minded fellow app users.

Basically, Out There strives to provide you with the perfect environment wherein you can have face-to-face conversations with potential matches and focus on building real connections with people you can meet and properly get to know, over simply managing masses of one-sided text conversations that rarely get to leave your phone screen.

Rediscover the 'spark' on your next first date

With more opportunities to forge meaningful connections comes an increasing likelihood that modern singles can rediscover that elusive feeling of registering a 'spark' in your first interactions with new people.

In their preliminary research when developing the dating app model that would eventually become the Out There app, Out There's co-founders unearthed that a majority of modern singles still prefer to meet people in real life rather than on their mobile phone screens.

This finding helped shape some of Out There's foundational principles, one of which includes a consistency in their prioritisation of inspiring meaningful face-to-face interactions over simply making do with half-hearted digital communication.

Simply put, if you're looking to find romantic or even platonic partnerships with people who share the same values as you, you should not have to settle for maintaining relationships that are stuck 'sparkless' and in the two-dimensional limbo that accompanies text bubbles. And the Out There app will ensure that you no longer have to.


Want to learn more about the Out There app, or curious to know when the app is set to launch in your city? Visit the Out There website today for more information or follow @outtheredating on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all 'Out There'-related news.