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CREATIVE: Do you have your own brand? Organise a pop up stall with other creatives to market your wares during Youth Week. Photo: Shutterstock

Youth Week is a time to set aside for the celebration of youth and to encourage active participation in the local community.

Youth Week began in 1989, and has since grown to be a celebration of young people across the country.

It is organised by young people, for young people, in their local communities, and with the support of their local councils.

LET's PLAY: Youth Week is a great time to organise a round ball tournament, any roundball for any sport is bound to be fun. Participation is the key. Photo: Shutterstock

The good thing is that everyone who wants to celebrate youth in his/her community owns a piece of Youth Week and can organise an event close to their heart. There are funds and the will to help you make it work.

For example, you can be the person who takes a few mates out to the bowling alley to mark the event, hit a rail trail on the push bikes, or join a charity marathon together to also help raise money for them.

Or maybe you're the coach of a footy or netball team and you can host a tournament during Youth Week and invite business leaders to come so they can show their support of youth.

National Youth Week is jointly supported by the Australian government, state and territory governments and local councils."

You could be a councillor and organise council funds/grants to encourage young people to organise pop up events like a market or art show - by youth and for youth.

If you're aged between 12 - 24, there are a host of activities and events you can celebrate during Youth Week:

Outdoors or sports

Initiate, watch or participate in sporting competitions for young people. Join in family fun activities.

Arts and crafts

Attend film screenings or learn skills in stand-up comedy, art-making, fashion and writing. Hold a pop - up Art Show.


Meet new people and lend a helping hand. Join a volunteer group and every day will offer up a new experience with different people in your community.

Youth Week is for interested young people, for those who are passionate about working with and supporting youth. The week, held at different times during the year depending on your location, is jointly supported by the Australian, and state governments, and local councils.