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Aussie families prepare to reunite post-lockdown for Mother's Day 2022

Aussie families prepare to reunite post-lockdown for Mother's Day 2022

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With Mother's Day virtually right around the corner, Aussie households have been preparing for and anticipating the prospect of using the occasion to reunite their extended family post-lockdown.

Of course, with the celebration being in early May, all family members are likely to have had their COVID-19 booster jabs, and your Mother's Day 2022 celebrations may be organised around being as COVID-safe as possible, just to ensure that immunocompromised family members aren't put at risk.

If you have been thinking at all about how you can ensure your celebrations are safe and enjoyable for all involved, we've compiled a list of some fantastic elements to keep in mind when planning for Mother's Day this year.

Support local when shopping for Mother's Day gifts

Alongside continuing to practice COVID-safe behaviour, you can use the holiday as an opportunity to support all your local Aussie makers and mongers who were hit hard by consecutive lockdowns over these past few years.

You can find some gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts in Australia from local retailers, independent boutique stores, crafts and clothing stalls at farmer's markets, and even at your local florist.

If your mum isn't one for flowers and hand-poured candles or other quintessential Mother's Day gifts, you could absolutely gift her with something more practical like a trip to your local day spa.

A more COVID-safe alternative would be to order an at-home spa package so that you can prepare a tailored at-home spa day for you and your mum to enjoy together.

Swap family dinner for a trip with mum

Alternatively, if an at-home spa day doesn't feel like enough adventure to commemorate this joyous occasion, you could organise a little getaway for you and your immediate family or even just you and your mum alone.

She may potentially prefer a trip away to attending a large family dinner anyway!

Book some flight tickets, accommodation, and finalise your trip itinerary nice and early so that you can set off to one of mum's favourite domestic destinations this Mother's Day.

As all other states emerge from their lockdowns themselves, there's plenty to see and do across Australia, ranging from hiking across Tasmania to sailing across the Coral Sea and exploring the many wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

With international travel also rapidly becoming a viable option once more for many families in NSW, you could also plan a surprise trip to Bali, Fiji, or somewhere else that's warm and lovely in the Pacific so that you can get one final taste of summer before winter rolls back round to us again here in the greater Sydney region.

Similarly, if you have maternal relatives who live abroad, your mum may love the opportunity to go visit them, especially post-COVID.

Host an open-air picnic or luncheon

A classic Mother's Day celebration idea is to host a classy family luncheon or high tea, complete with homemade treats like quiches, coffee cake, biscuits, and of course, fresh finger sandwiches. An elegant matinee befitting some elegant women indeed, your luncheon should absolutely have some photo-worthy decor, such as a themed table runner and matching flowers.

If your party is larger than fifteen or twenty guests, you might also consider making some personalised arrangements or placemats to go along with a pre-established seating plan.

Your seating arrangement could be laid out in a way that inspires conversations between older and younger generations, so those with larger families can take the occasion to connect with one another and form strong interpersonal ties.

Chances are high that seeing the whole family gathered together and gabbing like no time has passed at all, will make your mother, aunts, and grandparents very happy indeed.

Play it safe with separate celebrations

If your extended family does include a fair number of older or immunocompromised individuals, then a full family luncheon may not be possible, and this is okay! After all, it's more important that everybody stays safe over having everyone gathered together.

You can significantly boost the COVID-19 safety rating of your Mother's Day celebrations by opting for smaller, separate gatherings over one big family get-together. Have brunch or dinner with mum on the day, and then organise to see your aunts, cousins, or grandparents earlier or later during the week.

Separate celebrations will also take a lot of the pressure off of family members who may not feel comfortable participating in the occasion due to their own health concerns. In that sense, opting for smaller Mother's Day celebrations this year may be the more inclusive thing to do.


Finally, it's important to note that although we do seem to be out of lockdowns, case numbers are still worth considering, and there is every likelihood that you may need to cancel your Mother's Day plans in the event that any family member does fall ill.

Rest assured, there will always be time for you and your loved ones to postpone and reconvene with ease, and digital communication options like Zoom or Skype can be utilised readily if need be.

However you end up spending your Mother's Day this year, just be grateful that everyone can get together in whatever capacity that may be, and that everyone has their health. Stay safe!