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Mistakes to avoid when curling your hair

Mistakes to avoid when curling your hair

This article is in partnership with ghd Hair.

Are your curls not lasting longer even when you have used hairspray?

Are you stuck with creases, kinks and dents?

Need a little guidance on how to use this hot styling tool?

The steps are pretty basic: Turn on the curling iron, wrap your hair around the wand and dazzle the world with your fantastic colours.

You would think it was that simple, but it's not!

You are missing plenty of before and after steps in the process.

Even with so many products and tutorials circulating online to help you achieve those perfect beach waves, you still find yourself struggling with the iron. So, what are you doing wrong?

Part of it has to do with the hair curlers, and the other includes the mistakes you are making when curling your hair. You probably end up looking like an 80's prom queen rather than Blake Lively.

Don't fret because we have gathered all the basics of hair curling and the common mistakes people make when using a wand. Let's take a look at them:

Mistake #1

Using the wrong barrel size

Hair curlers come in different sizes. Most people assume the bigger, the better. Not true!

If the iron is bigger and thicker than your hair length, you will find it harder to handle. If your curls come out tight, you can always brush them for a relaxed look.

However, if you have medium-length or short hair, go for a barrel that is 1" in diameter. For loose curls or long hair, pick a barrel with 1 1/4" diameter. For a natural wave, pick a tapered wand.

Mistake #2

Forgetting to use a heat protectant

A heat protectant is a spray or a serum that minimises damage caused by hot tools. It helps seal in the moisture and fights frizz when your strands are wrapped around the barrel. Opt for a spray as it offers you better coverage.

Under no circumstances use hairspray before curling your hair. The chemicals in the hairspray will make your hair stiff, and using the curling iron then will be disastrous for your hair.

Even if your hair does survive the onslaught of heat, the strands will get damaged beyond repair.

Mistake #3

Letting the curls fall on their own

So, you are curling your hair, and once a section is done, you let it fall. You then move on to the next section and do the same.

Once you are done curling, you see that the section you started with has gone a little flat, and the one you just did is bouncy.

While you got the beach waves you were aiming for, there's a better way to get the perfect look.

Hold it in your palm when the curl falls until it cools down. This will make the curl last longer. If your hair has too much volume, pin up the curls.

Mistake #4

Curling the wrong way

Yes, there's a right way of curling, and there's a wrong way. The way you turn your hand should depend on the type of look you want.

For a natural look, curl outwards and away from your face. For tight and glamorous curls that have a bounce to them, curl all the sections one way. If you want a casual look, curl the sections in different directions.

Mistake #5

Using hairspray in the end

It's simple: If you wait till the end to spray your hair, they will probably go straight. Spray the curls one by one after each section.

Another way to ensure that your curls stay for longer is to turn off the hair curler, let it cool for a minute and then spray your hair.

If you want a more relaxed look, do not comb your curls right after you drop them from the barrel. In this case, do not apply the hairspray until the very end.

Use your fingers to separate the curls and then a comb with wide teeth to untangle any knots. Once you achieve your desired look, spray your hair.

Mistake #6

Using an Uncleaned Barrel

Any chemical or spray residue on your barrel can damage your hair when you next use the hair curler.

Use a slightly wet cloth and clean the barrel while it's still hot. Avoid using any solvents because they will destroy the barrel's finish.

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn't hold the curler in place for more than 10 seconds, or you risk damaging the strands.

And lastly, make sure that the curler's temperature isn't cranked too high: 180°F for damaged or fine hair, 300°F for hair with normal thickness and 375°F for thick hair.