Bogan Gate's Mitch Coombs set to make stand-up comedy debut

Mitch Coombs is about to go on-stage for his first stand-up comedy show, and it is set to be a corker.
Mitch Coombs is about to go on-stage for his first stand-up comedy show, and it is set to be a corker.

The boy from Bogan Gate is all grown-up: thriving in the big smoke of Sydney, hosting a hugely successful podcast and starring in his first ever stand-up comedy show - and looking and sounding FABULOUS while doing so.

Mitch Coombs grew up in Bogan Gate and went to school at Red Bend Catholic College, and until recently was working as a producer on the nation's biggest radio show - the Kyle and Jackie O Show - on KIIS FM.

Mitch's life came full circle recently when he appeared as a guest on Kyle and Jackie O to discuss his upcoming stand-up show, and when he talked to the Parkes Champion Post earlier this week he said it felt too good to be true.

"It was bizarre, I thought I was being pranked!" he said.

"I had all this missed calls from the producer at the Kyle and Jackie O show, who of course I used to work with.

"Eventually I got a text saying 'Hey babe, Kyle and Jac want to have you on their show.'

Bogan Gate's Mitch Coombs at a gig in Brisbane earlier this year.

Bogan Gate's Mitch Coombs at a gig in Brisbane earlier this year.

"I immediately thought this has got to be a joke, because as listeners would know, they are notorious for pranking their coworkers....I just thought, this can't be right.

"Even until the exact moment until I sat in front of the microphone in the studio, I still thought I was being pranked.

"I used to podcast them (Kyle and Jackie O) all the way from Bogan Gate, so to then go full circle and be a guest on the show was unreal," said Mitch.

His new (and stand-up comedy debut) show - 'Can Ya Stand It', is taking place at the renowned Factory Theatre in Marrickville from December 16 - 18, and Mitch said

"The show came about after I signed with a management company and we had a chat about what my goals were," he said.

"They asked me whether I'd do live shows and stand-up.

"I'd always thought I might, but it was more of a bucket list item than something I thought would happen soon.

"Much to my surprise, they put me in touch with comedy management company who wanted me to get started right away," said Mitch.

Like many entertainers, the COVID-19 pandemic in Sydney forced the shows to be cancelled a few times, but Mitch said he didn't actually think it was the worst thing.

"When they got cancelled, I was almost relieved...mentally I didn't think I was quite ready," he said.

"But I've had a couple of gigs now, so I'm not going out there as a complete rookie.

"Put it this way, my Mum and Dad asking if they should come, and I thought, 'hmmm maybe not, maybe once I've got a few more shows under my belt' and now I've got a free reign to tell some embarrassing family stories," said Mitch.

'Is It Just Me', Mitch's wildly popular podcast which he hosts with fellow Mitch (Churi, who still works at KIIS FM), is an absolute riot to listen to, but he said he's well aware it'll be a little different on-stage!

"It's going to be interesting to bounce off people," he said.

"I think I have quite a reputation for roasting my followers, so I think it'll be a pretty savage show.

"Put it this way, I'm happy to call out people in the crowd!

"It will certainly be a different feeling, though.

"Recording a podcast is very private; even though I'm aware in the back of my head that tens of thousands of people will be listening once it is live - when you are recording it is a safe space.

"There will be no room to hide on stage, but I can't wait," said Mitch.

Do yourself a favour and binge-listen to 'Is It Just Me' on Spotify (our personal favourite is the Gladys Berejiklian drinking game) - you won't regret it.

As you can see, whether you grow up in Bogan Gate, Cookamidgera, Parkes....wherever it may be - what you can dream, you can achieve!

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