Quicko delivering groceries to customers within two hours

Weekend grocery shop may be gone forever

These days, it isn't necessary to leave our homes to make friends, order dinner, find dates, or even finish university degrees.

And as the pandemic gained momentum, even more of our everyday services made the switch online. So, in a world where instant gratification is not only preferred, but essential, it's not too surprising the pandemic has changed the way we shop and how we consume every day.

As a result of lockdowns or maybe even a fear of germs, Aussies now run their lives very differently, from our daily routines to habitual shopping trips. In fact, research has revealed many Aussies have shifted to online grocery shopping with a 46 per cent growth so far in 2021. Despite the majority of Aussies now being out of lockdown, it seems those who previously switched to online grocery shopping due to the pandemic have made a permanent change. We want quick and convenient ways to access fresh produce and don't have time to sit and plan out a week's worth of meals anymore.

Even the pre-existing online shopping models of click and collect or next day delivery are proving too slow for some Aussies, who instead are now opting for grocery delivery services such as Quicko who promise to have your groceries at your door within two hours.

Rather than stocking up for weeks at a time, instant grocery delivery services allow Aussies to decide what they want for dinner that day and get it delivered within a few hours. By shopping only as needed, it reduces food waste and encourages consumers to make more conscious decisions about what they need. Not to mention the time saved can be spent doing weekend activities we enjoy, like taking the kids to the park or going to brunch with friends.

By avoiding the weekend chaos of the checkout queues, Aussies are transforming the future of shopping. By making this permanent transition to online grocery shopping, we are challenging retailers to evolve and find innovative ways to reach us quickly.

We are at a turning point in history, and I recommend retailers start viewing convenience as a must for their businesses. Quicko's mission is to bring a convenient time-saving grocery service to Sydney with countrywide expansion imminent. Our disruption into the grocery delivery market has already gained the attention of investors worldwide as we've just closed a pre-seed investment of $1.45 million. My advice to businesses navigating this post-pandemic world is convenience is key and instant is essential.

  • Adam Abuquboh, online retail entrepreneur and CEO of Quicko.
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