Restrictions eased for re-entering state

The NSW Ministry of Health has announced that from 11.59pm on Thursday October 14, restrictions for people entering NSW from the ACT will be eased.

According to NSW Health the changes have been made as the ACT is no longer considered to be an area of concern with the lifting of restrictions in the Territory.

"Under changes to the concerns notice, the ACT will no longer be considered an area of concern or affected area and people entering from the ACT will no longer need to complete a declaration form on entry into NSW or follow stay-at-home rules on arrival," a Ministry of Health spokesperson said.

"This change is in line with the ACT Government's decision to lift its stay-at-home restrictions."

Residents in the ACT will be subjected to the same rules as those in NSW the Department said.

Locals are able to travel around Regional NSW, however they are still not able to enter Greater Sydney unless they have a 'reasonable excuse' to do so.

"People who live in regional LGAs can travel anywhere in regional NSW but cannot enter Greater Sydney without a reasonable excuse," the spokesperson said.

"People cannot leave Greater Sydney except with a reasonable excuse.

"Holidays and outdoor recreation are not reasonable excuses."

In another boon residents from Queensland will be able to enter NSW without needing to complete a border declaration.

"Additionally, due to low rates of community transmission, Queensland will no longer be considered an affected area and Queensland residents will no longer need to complete a declaration form on entry into NSW," the spokesperson said.

"People visiting from Queensland will also be subject to the same rules as people in NSW."

The Ministry is still encouraging locals to be cautious with people able to travel a little more freely.

"There are still places of high concern (close and casual contact venues) in Queensland and the ACT," the spokesperson said.

"People who have been to these venues at the relevant time and date must follow the rules for close and casual contacts."

Visit the NSW Government website for the COVID-19 rules in NSW, including what people can and can't do depending on their vaccination status.

"We urge people throughout NSW, including those from other states or territories, to continue to come forward for testing at the first sign of even mild symptoms," the spokesperson said.

"To find your nearest clinic visit COVID-19 clinics or contact your GP.

"High vaccination rates are also essential to reduce the risk of transmission and protect the health and safety of the community."

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